There exists some confusion around the legislation for overseas obtain in Thailand. Most builders and federal government officers agree that foreigners can buy as many as 49% from the models in any a person specific new condo launch constructing. Having said that, the law accustomed to restrict overseas possession at 40%, which was improved to 49% on a 5 12 months basis. This five year period has now expired and so legally the limit should really revert back to 40%. On the other hand, most of the people remain engaged on the 49% rule, indicating a large number of new condominium units possibly are being offered to foreigners illegally.


With the relaxation of this short article, let us think the law is actually 49% (as is the common belief). I lately frequented an extremely wonderful, luxury condominium while in the Sukhumvit region. It is a reduced increase eight story making, that’s the maximum height that the law lets for supplied the width with the entry road in to the premises. Just about every device in this deluxe new condominium project has four bedrooms and measures three hundred sq.m. All I can say is usually that it truly is a shocking constructing, very stylish. On the other hand, it also commands a very significant price tag, with each and every device staying sold at more than 40,000,000 Baht.

The developer had this concept of a deluxe condominium, exactly where all homeowners are affluent and wealthy persons. However, the developer has now strike an issue. They have got marketed 49%, the entire overseas quota, to foreign consumers, however they have marketed only about 10% on the remaining 51% to Thai Nationals, some of which have been associates on the developer. The condition the developer faces now could be that they can’t find plenty of wealthy Thai nationals to purchase the remaining models, meaning which they are trapped with them. For a developer, this signifies an exceedingly huge proportion with the earnings of the development.

Thai law prohibits non-Thai nationals from owning land, so condominiums are the evident choice for international buyers. Even so, should you can be a Thai National, then you definately could buy a very substantial home for 40,000,000 Baht, so why would you commit that much on a 300 sq.m. condominium unit?

As a result of this, you can find a number of new condominium buildings in Bangkok targeting the high-end market, which have sold-out the overseas quota and now are struggling to provide big and costly units to Thais.